Sentral provides a wide range of organisations with the full suite of Supermicro , Gigabyte and Intel products .

Clients include Cloud Service Providers - Universities & Colleges - Datacentres – Hospitals - Global Telecoms Companies - Finance and Traders - Music Streaming - MOD - Sports Car Manufacturers - UK Police Forces -  and many of the UK's smallest-to-largest ISPs and Web-Hosting companies.

Feedback & Testimonials

"As promised, I can feedback that the [G250-G52] system is running well and my end customer is pleased. As a combination of this hardware and the update of the software he uses to compute on GPU now from CPU, he sees a computation step has reduced from about 10hrs runtime to 15mins. This is a major step in improving how much research work he can get done."
Thanks again
Chris Scott
Research Computing Manager
School of Life Sciences, University of Dundee

- Chris Scott, Research Computing Manager, School of Life Sciences, University of Dundee

"Must say I'm very pleased with the service you guys provide. I've spent nearly 15 years in government service, some 10 of those as Systems Manager/Internet Operations Manager/Firewall Manager in the Embassy. I've had experience with vendors who just ignore you so it's nice to find someone who actually cares and I mention you guys whenever I get asked "where can I buy a nice server?"!

- Oliver Theis, Webmaster & Technical Projects Manager, US Embassy, London

"Sentral have been instrumental in working with 1st Easy at the forefront of today's complex Cloud platform technologies, helping our company build our VMware™ vCloud Powered Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) solutions. Through consistent communication, they have understood our requirements and provided the correctly configured high end 32 core servers and QSAN fibre SAN storage devices, that have been both fit for purpose, yet significantly more cost effective than typical branded solutions. I find the staff inside Sentral, from Sales through to Support, knowledgeable about their products, our technology industry and understanding of our business requirements. Their internal administration and logistics also appear strong, with equipment shipped very effectively and billing issued without error."

- Stephen Bell, 1st Easy

“We have used Sentral for some time for our Supermicro server requirements. Their sales process is friendly and efficient, and they deliver servers within more than respectable time frames. We work closely with their team on designing the most power-efficient servers to help with our green / carbon neutral credentials and they always go above and beyond in the research and design of such servers. We look forward to a lasting relationship."
- Matt Russell, CEO, WebHostingBuzz

"At Custodian we rely on building a good working relationship with our suppliers and we have found that working with Sentral has been simple and efficient.

Quotes come back quickly and new orders are delivered on-time, with any issues always being resolved quickly. As an expanding Data Centre we have to react quickly to new orders & Sentral have been an excellent partner in helping us to achieve this."
- Robert Williams, Custodian DataCentre

"The IT requirements within Tornado storage solutions has grown greatly within the last 2 years. Sentral have been key in this task. Customised systems have been extremely reliable and allowed for future proofing. We have recently taken delivery of the new C2750 Atom units and are very impressed! Using these units was a bit of a gamble because there were very few real life benchmarks of these devices and no benchmarks of virtualisation performance. To reassure anyone thinking about trying these units out, we have 16Gb ram and one 1Tb WD Red inside the box. With this modest setup, the system is running:

  • VMWare Virtual environment, running following VMs
  • 2 Centos Servers, Jabber chat and OpenVPN
  • Turnkey linux NAS - -Openfiler -
  • Unitrends Enterprise backup appliance
  • vCentre Mobile access server
  • Zoneminder CCTV server
  • Win XP instance for testing software

The throughput saturates the 10/100 switch port, I wont know the achievable performance until a Gb Ethernet switch is used or we play with NIC teaming, but so far, no bottlenecks running the above. This is still in a lab environment and not production but so far, its looking very good! The machine is silent, fanless (there is one 45mm chassis fan) and used very little power. The IPMI is (as always) a life saver for remote setup.’ Many thanks"
- Dave Scott – Technical Manager, Tornado Storage Solutions

"When an internal IT review revealed potential weakness in our disaster recovery procedures the search for an 'all in one' disaster recovery product began. Our requirements were extensive, not only did we want the ability to recover within 24 hours if a server was completely destroyed in a fire or flood but we also wanted to protect several different operating systems at once, from Windows server 2003/2008 to Sco Unix.

We also expected another server to soon come online and did not want to pay a separate licence for each server protected. We wanted one single purchase that would provide protection for multiple systems, and that would also protect future systems.

When we contacted Sentral about their Unitrends data protection unit they were very swift in response and answered all our questions about the product quickly and clearly. Impressed, we decided to purchase the protection unit, along with an engineer for 1 day to train us in its use. However i should add the unit is very easy to use.

Using the system has been extremely easy, and allowed complete recovery within a few hours when we had a HDD failure in one of our servers. This single recovery alone paid the cost of the unit. Backups used to be a very time consuming task, now it is all automated and all our backups can be verified from a single 'pane of glass'. We have had very few problems with the system but when we have had errors Sentral have responded very promptly.
I can wholeheartedly recommend both the Data Protection Unit and Sentral."
- Trevor R. Wilson, IT Manager, Howard Butler Ltd

"We were recommended to Sentral by one of our suppliers, having only used a well-known brand name previously, I was a little cautious. From placing the order with knowledgeable staff to the arrival of the servers, I was kept fully informed at all stages. The build quality of the servers themselves are second to none, Sentral are now our preferred supplier of servers."
- Kevin Christoforou, Tamar Telecommunications

"We are relieved that the nagging worry about losing our data is now gone. Everything is automatic and the Unitrends device sits on the network, protecting our business critical systems. Having Bare-Metal recovery is a blessing, because when, not if, one of our systems fails, the Unitrends Data Protection Unit will restore it to it’s pre-failure state without us even needing to reload the Operating System. Even if the worst was to happen, and we experienced a major incident here such as a fire or flood, all of our data is also held offsite and we would still be able to promptly recover our data."
- Michael Penny, Ormrods Solicitors

"At Marotori we work hard to build good relationships with our suppliers. We have found Sentral to be prompt when responding to queries; excellent on price and reactive when potential problems occur. We would highly recommended them as a business partner."
- Rob Thomson, Marotori Hosting Services

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