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Open-E sell their products in over 100 countries around the world and customers include the largest multinational corporations like Orange, Philips and Bosch. First of all, we are a global company with an international, multicultural and diverse team of professionals who are the best in their fields. Thanks to them, we have a strong position in the industry and more than 17-year history of successes in the global IT market.

Open-E DSS V7 provides superior performance, security, and scalability at a fraction of the cost of alternative storage offerings. Advanced features of Open-E DSS V7 include Data and Volume Replication, Volume Snapshot, Automatic Failover for iSCSI Volumes, WORM and NDMP.

Additionally, Open-E DSS V7 supports a wide variety of hardware RAID platforms from the industry’s leading names. The versatility of the Open-E DSS V7 also allows users to combine NAS systems with iSCSI SAN systems, and provides built-in virus protection, while enabling the connection of multiple Network Interface Controllers, including Gigabit Ethernet, 10 Gigabit Ethernet, Fibre Channel and InfiniBand.

Open-E DSS V7 will turn any commodity server into an enterprise data storage appliance. Thanks to compatibility with VMware, CitrixXen and MS Hyper-V, the software is an ideal tool for cloud storage and virtualization environments.

Sentral iSCSI & NAS Appliance Features

  • 1U to 4U form factor
  • License space from 4TB to unlimited
  • Browser-Based GUI for simple management
  • Monitoring Utility
  • Hardware and Software iSCSI Initiator
  • Multiple Fibre Channel HBA Support

Hardware RAID Controller Choice:

  • 3ware
  • Adaptec
  • Areca
  • Intel
  • LSI Logic

Our SAN/NAS storage appliances deliver cost-effective storage consolidation for multi-server systems in a familiar networking environment. With the Open-E storage appliances you get flexibility and functionality.

Functionality and Advanced Features

  • Installable on any media: internal HDD, RAID Array, USB, SATA and IDE DOM, or any other bootable media
  • Enhanced Graphical User Interface
  • Symantec Backup Exec backup agent (RALUS) to support versions 11, 12 and 12.5
  • Basic API Configuration
  • Improved random performance of iSCSI
  • Windows Server 2008 Clustering Support (persistent reservation SCSI-3)
  • Hardware RAID Support
  • Automatic Failover for iSCSI Volumes
  • Volume and Data Replication
  • Volume Snapshot
  • iSCSI Initiator / iSCSI Target
  • Backup Functionality
  • NDMP 3.0 Support
  • Network Bonding/Teaming
  • Task Mechanism with Scheduling
  • Network UPS Support
  • Fibre Channel Support
  • Multi-CPU Support
  • WORM (Write Once Read Many) Support
  • Shadow Copy of OS for System Update
  • IP-SEC
  • Multiple Network Interface Card (NIC) Support

Network Management

New GUI Static Routing Manager
You can now change the order in which the routing rules are applied by changing their positions on the list, this is useful when you have several network interfaces in the same subnetwork.

Standard Network Gateway Support
The Open-E DSS V7 can be used with structured networks in business environments and has an optional data access via Intranet or Internet.

DHCP Client
Assigning IP addresses in a network can be centrally managed and automated through using Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP).

Multiple Network Interface Card (NIC) Support
The Open-E DSS V7 supports usage of two or more network cards to access separate sub-networks or to increase the bandwidth and allows administrators to select services to be enabled on a specified NIC.

Adapter Fault Tolerance (AFT)
AFT assures greater reliability by providing a secondary network adapter which automatically takes over, should the primary network adapter fails.

Adaptive Load Balancing (ALB)
ALB enhances data throughput by automatically routing data through alternative paths as the application changes.

10 Gb Ethernet with TCP/IP Offload Engine (TOE)
To improve the data throughput and latency, the Data Storage Software supports 10 GbE to increase bandwidth, improve overall performance, and reduce message latency across connections. The Open-E DSS V7 supports some 10GbE cards with TCP/IP.

InfiniBand Support
Open-E supports InfiniBand cards that increase bandwidth, improve overall performance, and reduce message latency across connections.

Proxy Settings
The Open-E software allows the configuration of the Proxy Server for Internet connections.

The Open-E DSS V7 supports the Secure Internet Protocol (IPsec). This protocol secures data transmitted across a network, preventing confidential and personal information being intercepted or modified.

Default gateway settings
While Open-E DSS V7 can work with multiple network interfaces, the default gateway can be selected.

Static routing
The Open-E DSS V7 provides a powerful tool for controlling the static routing settings. If the default routing isn't sufficient, this feature can be used to customize it.

Storage Management / Replications

Synchronous Volume Replication over LAN
Synchronous replication guarantees zero data loss. Write is not considered complete until acknowledgement by both local and remote storage. Most applications wait for a write transaction to complete before proceeding with further work, hence overall performance decreases considerably. Therefore, it is recommended using this option only for LAN.

Synchronous Volume Replication over LAN with iSCSI failover
Synchronous replication is used to replicate data between nodes of iSCSI failover. As used in the LAN ensures zero data loss and good performance.

Synchronous Volume Replication over LAN with NAS (NFS) Failover
Open-E DSS V7 provides fault tolerance via synchronous NAS Volume Replication for NFS shares. Once configured, all data written to the primary server is mirrored to a secondary server. In the event the primary server fails, Open-E DSS V7 automatically switches operation to the secondary server. NFS locks are also reassigned on the secondary server after primary server fails. This functionality requires the purchase of a feature pack.

Data (file) Replication over LAN
With Open-E DSS V7 you are able to keep your data synchronized between servers on the LAN.

Data (file) Replication over WAN
With Open-E DSS V7 you are able to keep your data synchronized over long distances.

Fast initial volume synchronization
Open-E DSS V7 features fast initial volume synchronization for volume replication.

Volume replication tuning
The volume replication tuning feature gives you the ability to improve the speed of the replication process on your hardware.

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