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The HYPER 3000 series is a hyperconverged infrastructure product

Product Overview

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Here is the IT infrastructure which helps SMBs thrive in the Digital Era.

Enterprise-class IT for small businesses

The HYPERSeries 2000 is the first hyperconverged product specifically created to power small organisations and remote offices. It offers the full range of capabilities and services of an enterprise IT infrastructure, including unique, integrated disaster recovery (DR), improved application performance, native file sharing and always-on data protection.

SynetoOS 4 

The HYPERSeries 2000 ships with the new version of our smart hyperconverged operating system: SynetoOS 4.

The new version improves application performance, VM/file backup operations and is even easier to use. In fact, usability is so good that we have decide to skip making a manual for it. Just kidding! There will be a manual.

SynetoOS 4 is designed for the small and medium business and remote office environment. It can be managed by any IT generalist without any specialised knowledge or training courses. It streamlines and automates backup, disaster recovery and virtual machine management and behaves like a "fire and forget" weapon: once configured, your infrastructure will run invisibly in the background.

Designed for the "S" in SMBs

The HYPERSeries 2000 is priced and positioned as a complete IT infrastructure solution for small companies and remote offices. It contains all of the IT services an organisation needs to thrive in the digital era: virtual applications, built-in disaster recovery and native file sharing.

If you want to grow your business, not your IT spending, the HYPERSeries 2000 is the perfect choice. It is particularly well adapted for companies who can't miss deadlines, loose data and create a lot of digital media:

It's already making headlines!

The HYPERSeries 2000 in Computer Weekly:

"European startup Syneto has launched a hyper-converged infrastructure appliance aimed at small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), the Hyperseries 2100, which offers in-built disaster recovery and capacity for up to 15 VMware virtual machines (VMs)."

Anthony Adshead, Storage Editor @ Computer Weekly

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