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Custom Appliances

Sentral has a Design and Manufacturing team that specialises in building custom server appliances whether it be short depth rackmount appliances or special shaped appliances for installation in unique spaces. Sentral were pioneers of using aluminium for the construction of Server chassis and also presenting the I/O connectivity at the front of the chassis.

The aluminium chassis is suited to handle heat dissipation and performs as a large heatsink. Because of the reduced weight afforded by using aluminium chassis, these units can be mounted in a rack without rails and are very easy to install. The chassis can also be powder coated with a preferred colour scheme and optionally screen printed fascias can be designed using customers own company logo. We can build a product using our clients specified hardware or work in conjunction to custom design unique hardware as required.

The basic range of products can be tailored to customers requirements utilising either Intel or AMD processors and be configured with single or dual hard disk drives and multiple Ethernet ports. A single expansion slot allows for additional features to be configured, and in special cases more expansion slots can be accommodated.

We can also assist with pre installing your chosen Windows or Linux OS and configure the appliance accordingly so that it just has to connect to the network and switch on ready to go.

Customised Rackmount Server Features

  • Innovative, ultra-low depth lightweight aluminium thermal case options typically weighing less than traditional steel 1U servers
  • Front connectivity, if required, which provides user friendly server access
  • From 9" Ultra Low Depth chassis enables back to back mounting
  • No rails required, - easy front mounting with only 4 screws
  • Airflow system designed to allow back to back mounting
  • Front LED screen displays HDD and ‘power-on’ status
  • Front mounted ‘power on’ and ‘reset’ switches
  • IPMI 'Remote Management'

Custom Services

Sentral provides server appliance manufacturing services for Independent Software Vendors and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs). We build, image, brand and ship your product directly to the end-user.

We have in-house facilities to fully brand custom server appliances and we work with you to create the right finish for your product.

To help reduce the costs and increase delivery turn round times, Sentral can ship your finished products directly to your end-user.

Please contact Sentral at 08456 448 016 to discuss your custom appliance requirements. Contact Us for a Custom Quotation -

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