Intel® Server Products - VSAN Ready Nodes

The Intel® Server Products – VSAN Ready Nodes are fully-validated, pre-configured server systems that include VMware certifications for VSAN.

Software-Defined Storage (SDS), Software-Defined Infrastructure (SDI), Private Cloud


Accelerating the path to private cloud with SDS and VMware* VSAN ReadyNodes from Intel

Research shows that 80% of workloads will run on a cloud architecture by 2024.1 To successfully navigate the transition to private cloud, customers need a software-defined infrastructure (SDI) that is automated, resilient, and programmatically extensible. Modernizing storage resources is an essential element to SDI, driving up customer demand for SDS solutions.

Built for Maximum Performance

VSAN Ready Nodes from Intel are powered by the latest Intel technology, and include Intel® Server Boards, Chassis, Intel® Xeon® processors, Intel® Solid State Drives (SSDs), and third-party memory in configurations optimized and pre-certified for VMware VSAN.

Available in both All-Flash and Hybrid configurations, these server systems are optimized for outstanding storage performance. The Intel® Xeon processor E5 v4 product family accelerates virtualized storage with features such as Intel® AVX 2.0 and Intel® Virtualization Technology. Intel SSDs provide high throughput and low latency, which maximizes power while reducing cost and space requirements. All-Flash configurations (AF-8 and AF-6) deploy Intel’s high-endurance NVMe SSDs for the caching tier, delivering excellent performance, high IOPS and low latency

Smart Boards Ensure System Stability and Increased Uptime

Intel® Server Boards have more than 100 sensors built in that monitor all critical functions and use management capabilities to automatically flag problems before they impact business operations. Event logs and light- guided diagnostics also assist in rapid identification and issue remediation.

Verify Authenticity with Intel® Transparent Supply Chain

To address security concerns and guard against counterfeiting and malware, VSAN Ready Nodes from Intel feature the Intel Transparent Supply Chain. This board feature enables the ability to verify the authenticity of board components and firmware through digitally signed statements of conformance and firmware load verification.

Intel Warranty Delivers Value and Confidence

VSAN Ready Nodes from Intel come with a standard three-year warranty that includes the option to extend coverage to five years. Warranties come with Intel’s 24/7 technical support and commitment to replace or refund any product that fails.

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